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Nowadays, you can find a dating site that targets almost any person. Old, Jewish, Farmers and weirdos, no matter what you are looking for, you can find your true love. And of course, if you love the country’s cheesiest football team, you are set as well. Now there’s ” Green Bay Packers Lovers. This Yahoo story “Dating is hard, but Packers fans now have a website to find true love” tells more Then singles could find someone to wear a cheesehead with on Sunday. Packers fans, it is time to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror.

I wore a silly hat in my dating profile picture, and something unexpectedly wonderful happened

The Original Cheesehead Factory is now offering factory tours! Book your tickets here. For more information, please see below:. The Swiss invites you to observe the inner workings of the factory and to discover a little bit about what makes us tick like our neighbor, the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower. You will learn the origin of the Cheesehead and how, three decades later, we have expanded — much like our foam does every day.

Cheesehead Radio: Marry, Date, or Dump (Hundley) with Peter Bukowski. 11/21/​ Written by TundraVision. Remember “Marry, Date, or Dump”? The Green.

Featuring over 40 “cheesy” foam products plus an expanded merchandise line. Factory tours available. Custom projects, convention services and digital product offerings available. Industry, revitalization, and miles of waterfront — explore Milwaukee’s Harbor District. Seasonal Events Events. Cheesehead Factory. Cheesehead Factory building out side. Fax: Facility Information Property Value Notes Our Gouda Lounge can be rented on its own or along with our Asiago Atrium to provide extra seating, a dance floor or lounge area.

Our capacity is 75 seated, standing, and amenities include an updated kitchenette, new theater-style curtain entry, intimate lighting, access to outlets and restrooms, 14 square wood tables with chairs and 12 cocktail tables handcrafted in-house.

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Oconto delegate Barb Finger has scored dozens of interviews at the Republican National Convention this week by wearing a foam Cheesehead and a tunic made from Army and Navy camouflage material. Finger, 60, a Navy veteran, said she will never forget the day her son, an Army veteran, was wounded in Afghanistan in when his 60,pound Stryker Combat Vehicle hit an improvised explosive device.

During Monday night’s convention speeches, Finger teared up when former Texas Gov. Toepel, a member of the American Political Items Collectors, wore a hat with all 11 political buttons dating back to the convention when President Dwight Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon were re-nominated. Before Tuesday night’s prime time speeches, delegates from each state, the District of Columbia and five territories had a chance to puff their states up in the traditional roll call ceremony that officially nominated Donald Trump.

If you want to date a cheesehead, there’s a website for it. (USATSI). Are you single and looking for someone who likes Ashton Kutcher movies.

Cheesehead is an interesting term, and especially demonstrates the skill of Wisconsin residents at making lemons out of lemonade, or more appropriately cheese out of milk. The term cheesehead began as a slanderous one, which was applied to the Dutch, who were known for their fine dairy products. Since Wisconsin later became known as the dairy state, cheesehead became a derogatory term for residents of Wisconsin.

The term migrated to sporting events, where it might be thrown at Wisconsin sports fans who supported their home state teams, and that was enough to inspire Ralph Bruno, in to make an appropriate, eloquent and tremendously funny response. Interest in the cheesehead hat soon bordered on obsessive, and Bruno launched the company Foamations, Inc, to create hats for every proud Wisconsinite who wanted one.

Though the hat was first worn at a baseball game, in the s most cheeseheads donned the hat in support of the football team, the Green Bay Packers. Interest in this unusual ornament was quickly showcased by media covering football games, and only provoked the popularity of this chapeau. As the s came to a close, the hats became even more popular, and the football team was receiving particular notice with back-to-back appearances in the and Super Bowl Championships.

Hundreds of these hats were sported at these events, in support of the Wisconsin team. What had started out as an insult had become, especially to sports fans, a mark of considerable pride. To call yourself a cheesehead is to reference your great love and support of the Packers. There is a bit of irony here, since the name Packers references meatpacking, and not the making of dairy products.

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Eloise Kirn. I welcomed the cheesehead into my dating life. I had my roommates take five photos of me wearing the cheesehead and uploaded them all to Tinder. I then replaced my personal information with this bio: “Just a girl in a cheesehead, looking for love. The focus was to hook possible matches, while progressively taking the cheesehead to more absurd levels.

Cheesehead is a nickname in the United States for a person from Wisconsin[1] or for a fan of the Green Bay Packers NFL football franchise.

Can these guys be thinking of the same Green Bay that I know? In preparation for the Sunday night telecast of Chicago at CheeseWorld, John Madden gushed on a conference call: “It just gives me chills when I come here. And the normally sensible Cris Collinsworth said: “You think you’re in my hometown of Titusville, Florida. My fondest memory of Lambeau Field? Being arrested in the press box for trespassing. Breaking news: I am switching to a new system of prognostication.

Sorry, my lips are sealed as to the details but, no, it does not include a new flipping coin. Tried that last week. And talk about a leap of faith, look at what the new system says I must pick here. If the new system makes me pick Miami , it’s straight into the garbage. How desperate are the Fish? Hey, Vonnie, walk it off.

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HERE is some advice for those brooding fans in Cleveland and Los Angeles, whose football teams have been carried off by unscrupulous franchise owners. The truth is, Dallas became nationally popular only because they hired higher-class hussies to jiggle and bounce for the networks. If there is one team that truly deserves to be called America’s Team, it is in the most unlikely community to have a major league sports franchise of any kind.

Yet there has never been even a hint that the Packers would leave Green Bay, a city with fewer residents than L. You don’t hear the owners of the Green Bay team whining that they are not rich enough or trying to shake down the local taxpayers for new goodies that will make them even richer. That’s because the Packer franchise is owned by the kind of people who should own every football franchise.

My wife and I often giddily discuss our plans to “start dating again” once our kids move out of the house and we officially become empty nesters.

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Kaeppeler Fleiss is now heading the Miss Kenosha pageant. The Cameron, Wis. What he discovered was that his home state was a lot more than foam chapeaux shaped like wedges of Swiss cheese. A couple of those spots put Kenosha on the map. It was both the head of a type of bolt or nail and an insult aimed at northern Europeans dating back to the s. A nationwide release of the film is slated for March 7.

The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers compete in the National Football League (​NFL) as a member club of the National Football Conference (NFC) North division. It is the third-oldest franchise in the NFL, dating back to , and is the only Bright orange triangular cheesehead hats are a fixture wherever the.

Today’s episode of Railbird Central includes a look at the story lines heading into Friday’s game: Vince Young, David Bakhtiari and the running back rotation. The Packers set a franchise record with 13 straight wins dating back to last season, breaking a record previously held by Vince Lombardi’s team. Listen to our knee-jerk reaction to the Packers’ win against the St.

Louis Rams and follow along with our gameday live blog. Listen to our postgame show and view the live blog replay of Cheesehead TV’s coverage of Green Bay’s win over Atlanta. Listen to the Cheesehead TV postgame show and follow along with the live blog replay of the game. Skip to main content. Packer Tickets.

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Someone who is dumb or stupid. Did you hear that guy’s ridiculous question? Geez, what a cheesehead. Someone from the state of Wisconsin which is known for producing a lot of cheese , especially a fan of the Green Bay Packers football team. Their fans commonly wear novelty headgear shaped like pieces of cheese. Of course he thinks the Packers are going to win the Super Bowl—he’s a total cheesehead.

All cheese has an expiration date, and Cheeseheads With Attitude are no different. By , Mike Holmgren—Green Bay’s most accomplished coach since​.

Not with the advent of ” GreenBayPackersLovers. Here’s the website’s mission statement :. Green Bay Packers fans are the most loyal fans around. Just look at Pack’s die hard fans that tackle the brutally cold winters to storm outside and cheer on the Pack Attack. At our site you can find other Packers Bakers [sic] cheeseheads looking for love. Check us out today. As of this writing, male members on the site outnumber females roughly 2 to 1, so lady cheeseheads looking for love have a decided advantage.

Green Bay Packers Fans Release Exclusive Dating Site For Cheeseheads

Independent — National Football League —present. It is the third-oldest franchise in the NFL, dating back to , [9] [10] and is the only non-profit , community-owned major league professional sports team based in the United States. The Packers are the last of the “small town teams” which were common in the NFL during the league’s early days of the s and s.

Ralph Bruno, who invented the yellow wedge cheesehead in Sign up for the Headlines Newsletter and receive up to date information.

Packers Nation let out a collectve “phew” today as news came that Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson passed his physical and is officially off of Nike has since pulled the page, but the image of this year’s throwback uniform is now out there. Come party with Packers fans nationwide the weekend of October 19 and 20 for the Packers-Browns game at Lambeau Field. The Packers are undefeated, on their way to the playoffs, and are riding an unprecedented win streak dating back to last season.

So, why are Packer fans squabbling with themselves? Aside from Bigby talk, discussion also turns to the possibility of the Packers trading an offensive lineman. Aside from Jolly talk, discussion ranges from the Packers development surrounding Lambeau Field to Aaron Rodgers’ experience to the depth of the offensive line.

Simply put – we’ve got you covered for the NFL Draft. In fact, we’re confident that any Packers fan will not need to go anywhere else on the Web during the three day proceeding. It was touch and go there for awhile still is actually, but what the hell

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Miss Manners: Cheesehead’s gear blocks view. Mar 6, ; Mar 6, ; 0 · Subscribe for $3 Miss Manners: Mother-in-law dating a sip-stealer. Aug 11,

Tours at Foamation Inc. The transformation happens within five minutes and several times a day in the Walkers Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. Gone is the need to hack couch cushions and use a blowtorch to make a Cheesehead hat, as Foamation founder Ralph Bruno did when creating his first in What began as a lark turned into a livelihood for the inventor, a pattern maker for heavy industry who had an itch to be his own boss.

Little did Bruno know in that his odd expression of team pride would grow into a widely recognized identifier for Wisconsin and its exuberant sports fans, especially those at Green Bay Packers games. The product line goes beyond headgear too. Cheesehead baby bibs, bow ties, earrings and more are in stock at the Foamation gift shop.

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