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At the time of their origin in the early 19th to 20th centuries, antique iron beds, like all furniture at the time, were hand made by artisanal craftspeople. Craftsmanship was something people took great pride in back in the 19th and 20th centuries, as tradesmanship, particularly that involving the production of goods, was regarded as not only a skill but an art form. Due to their age, antique metal beds, though their style is timeless, are still subject to the flaws of early industrial materials and time, including the use of lethal lead paint. Broken castings or frame One of the most difficult repairs to deal with in an antique metal bed is broken castings. Castings and frames fuse together the structural integrity of the bed, rendering them one of the most important elements of bed quality. If an antique metal bed has a broken or cracked frame or castings, this could be a sign that the bed was either poorly made, poorly repaired, stored improperly, or a victim of degrading quality that comes with age. Loose spindles and castings Castings are simple or decorative components produced by heating molten metals then pouring them into a mold that secures the frame posts and spindles together. Spindles are plain rails or decorative turnings. Pitting in the metal Pitting is a type of corrosion in metal that forms small holes over time. Make sure to look closely for this type of damage.

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It’s our pleasure to bring you iron and brass beds that are authentic reproductions of the original beds built at the turn of the century. Over 40 years of practice have gone into the design and craftsmanship of these handmade iron and brass beds made in the USA. We spend at least one-third of our life in bed.

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The antique metal headboard is destined for guest room glory, but it looks like a junker at the moment. The layers of its history are a dirty mix of various paints, lacquers, tarnish and rust — as unattractive as they are mysterious. This isn’t a patina worth preserving, so it’s time to strip the metal to the bare bones and protect the headboard for another generation. Brass and iron headboards dating from before the 20th century probably have no lead paint on them, but if you’re in doubt, have the finish tested before disturbing it.

Move the headboard to a protected, well-ventilated work area and position it on a dropcloth or tarp. Go over the metal with a stiff, dry brush — use a wire brush for iron — to remove any flaking finish or rust. Wipe the entire piece down with a damp sponge to remove dirt and dust. Try a last-minute test, if you are working with brass, to be sure the headboard is solid and not brass plate.

Iron dating

Finishes were varied and could range from simple white to multiple colors with detailed “gold gilding” on the castings. Back in the mid ‘s, for some reason, iron being produced in America was far superior to that of European exports. When brass was added, for contrast and ornamentation, ours was thick and durable. As with European brass, which was very thin and susceptible to cracking and denting. These men took great pride in their own original designs.

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Dating antique beds

If you want to add a beautiful vintage touch to your decor, consider an antique metal bed frame. From brass beds to painted iron beds, there are many lovely designs to choose from. Learn how to identify the metals and materials used, what clues you can find about the bed’s condition, and how much these antique bed frames are worth.

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Other brass hardware can be an indicator of age as well. When calculating the date of a vintage iron bed, examine how the bed was constructed. Typically, antique beds are built into the bed’s frame and are made up of a headboard, side rails and footboard. Created in , Fashion Bed Group is a large consolidation of three leading bed manufacturers.

Its beds are manufactured of genuine brass, plated brass, cast zinc, cast aluminum, steel, iron, wood, w The value of authentic, antique beds made with brass frames is high. Antique brass beds, once they appeared in America at the New York World’s fair in , became popular in the United States almost overnight. That popularity has continued If the magnet sticks, it means the brass is plating over iron.

How to Determine the Age of Your Antique Bed

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When calculating the date of a vintage iron bed, examine how the bed was constructed. Typically, antique beds are built into the bed’s frame and are made up of.

In the late s iron bed makers encouraged consumers to “wage war on dust, disease or vermin” by using a more sanitary iron bed. In addition to a “more sanitary condition,” iron bed frames offered consumers elegant, beautiful designs that many wooden beds couldn’t compete with. Because iron is a durable material that is less subject to breakage, many of these beds may be found in antique stores as well as city dumps today. If you have found a potential antique, you must study it closely to determine the date.

Look at the metal involved in creating the bed. The Victorians primarily used hand-crafted cast iron for their home products until the start of World War I. This included bed frames, headboards and foot boards. After that point, mass-produced beds made of aluminum were common. If your bed frame is made of aluminum instead of iron, it is a reproduction. Look through antiques stores for bed frames in similar styles. Bed frames made in similar styles can date from the same time period.

Some of the design styles that rose to prominence when Iron beds were popular include the Victorian style of the mids, the Art Nouveau style of the late 19th century and the Art Deco style of the s and s.

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One of the true delights in using the iron bed is the ability to change the color to match the decor of your room. Let’s face it An iron bed will always blend well with any decor Even the iron baby beds They make lovely loveseats, daybeds, etc.

If you become more familiar with the antique period tools and the little marks that give them away, you will go far in being able to date your furniture. 3. What Is It.

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Dating iron beds

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Also the Beds Nouveau late s style and the Bed Deco style of the s and s. Iron frames created in these styles can come to these time periods. Step 3, examine the antique bed frames metal for an impression, trademark or stamp that identifies the manufacturer. This tag may contain a date of manufacture. Bed the manufacturer is no longer in business, you can limit the date of the bed to the time period before production is closed.

Consult antique books for an overview of the bed designer made by that manufacturer. Many furniture makers change their designs over time. An individual furniture design helps to limit the manufacturing date down. Step 4, Look at the bed structure.

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