Caitriona Balfe serves up an insider’s view of ‘Outlander’

Caitriona Balfe is rumored to have hooked up with Sam Heughan in Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan were in Outlander together. Caitriona Balfe is a 40 year old Irish Actress. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Sam Heughan is a 40 year old Scottish Actor. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Help us build our profile of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe!

Everything to Know About MacKenzie Mauzy, Sam Heughan’s Girlfriend

According to an entertainment magazine, the actor and the Scottish music producer got married at St. The office of the priest who officiated the ceremony told the outlet, “It was a close-knit family affair officiated by Rev. Dressed in a gray suit, blue and black tie, and black shoes, Heughan captioned the photo, “Remarkable weekend.

Caitriona Balfe for Elle Caitriona Balfe Boyfriend, Caitriona Balfe Outlander, Claire Fraser, Jamie Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe may play love interests as Jamie Fraser and Cait celebrating Christmas in NYC with her friends.

Written by: Anne Gavin? I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to popular culture, entertainment, celebrity happenings, etc. How could I have missed what is, apparently, a well-known phenomenon amongst the fervent Fandoms that sprout up around popular primarily television series??? So, I set off to discover for myself what it was all about and quickly learned that passions run deep around this issue.

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She was quoted saying,. A long time. I had never gone and looked at fan sites, and then one day I did and oh — my — god.

Sam Heughan Is Reportedly Dating ‘Twin Peaks’ Actress Amy Shiels

His onscreen chemistry with co-star Caitriona Balfe is exactly what took Outlander from book club favorite to global phenomenon. Wearing a simple white T-shirt and black jeans, his natural blonde hair cropped shorter than the red curls Outlander fans are accustomed to, Heughan looks a bit younger than 37—certainly not pushing 50, like his character this season. He’s right in the middle of promotion for Outlander Season 3, and before our interview had already appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan , posed for a photographer, and filmed a video with Balfe.

It marks a literal homecoming for the show, one of those crucial, highly-anticipated moments which defines a series while completely altering its course. After spending two decades apart—separated by two centuries, no less—Claire finally returns to Jamie and life in the 18th century.

McGill and Balfe have very few pictures together at public events, but the earliest evidence online of their relationship dates back to Sam.

But off-screen, she recently wed her boyfriend music producer Antony “Tony” McGill. Here’s what we know about their relationship:. The couple is very private about their relationship, and it’s unclear exactly how they met. But as People points out , there is footage of Balfe and McGill sitting together at a bar on Instagram from Balfe confirmed the news that she was getting married to People on the red carpet.

According to People , the happy couple tied the knot at St. People also confirmed that there was a McGill wedding on the church calendar. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Balfe and Heughan are not a couple in real life. Clearly, she just married another man! In a interview with Parade , Balfe addressed the fans who wanted the Outlander stars to be together off-screen as well.

‘Outlander’: The Real Life Partners Revealed

As co-stars and co-producers , they are great friends in real life too. But Heughan recently revealed that things do tend to get a little weird between the two when they reunite at the beginning of each season. Their on-screen chemistry was so great, that many fans speculated the two were dating. However, both actors always maintained that they were friends.

The couple reportedly got married in December but rather than go on a honeymoon together numerous witnesses said that Sam went to.

Even if you don’t watch Outlander , you’ve likely heard about the steamy chemistry between Sam Heughan, 37, and his co-star Caitriona Balfe, To answer your question: no though shippers will argue otherwise! Heughan is reportedly dating on-off girlfriend year-old MacKenzie Mauzy, and Balfe recently became engaged to very low-key boyfriend Tony McGill. Though we don’t get the joy of seeing Mauzy and Heughan’s relationship on screen, we do get a peek at them at events and a little bit on social media.

To refine your Google search to one tab of relationship-stalking, here’s everything you need to know about Mauzy and her relationship with Heughan. Before Mauzy began her acting career, she won an award for “Best Child Actress” for her role as Annie Warbucks in the musical Annie played at a theater in Virginia.

Mauzy went back to her musical roots in starring in the broadway musical, A Tale of Two Cities , and has been focused on her musical career since. Reminder: Lancaster is widely known for its Amish population, though no word on whether or not Mauzy grew up around the culture. Mauzy was married to former American Idol contestant , John Arthur Greene, in and they divorced in Mauzy and Heughan were first spotted together in at her 27th birthday party.

The couple made their first appearance together back in February

Caitriona Balfe – In pictures

Though “Outlander” actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have repeatedly made it clear that they never dated, rumors about them having a romantic relationship off-screen just will not stop emerging. This time, reports are starting to involve Heughan’s girlfriend MacKenzie Mauzy. Heughan plays the role of Jamie Fraser, a warrior in Scotland in — a time in the past which Balfe’s character, Claire Randall, was suddenly transported to.

Jamie and Claire both have the ability to travel through time and find themselves falling in love with one another.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan star in “Outlander” premiering her about Sam and Cody dating from October to very early

Outlander is chock full of action, suspense, and wild 18th century world history lessons. As any fan of the show knows in the rational part of their brain, Heughan and Balfe are simply gifted actors playing fictional characters, and it’s their talent that makes their relationship so convincing on TV. However, one could be forgiven if their small screen chemistry and adorable real-life photos— such as this one —spark occasional thoughts like: “Wait— Are they dating, though?

Despite their body language, flirtatious looks, and countless wishful Tumblr posts that would have us so ready to believe it, the Outlander stars are not a couple in real life. In fact, Caitriona Balfe is engaged—possibly even married. But they like to try and, I don’t know, maybe replicate the Claire and Jamie story. I think it would be difficult for us to work together and be together. Balfe was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series—Drama, as she also was in , , and The two have been together since at least , as evidenced by this Instagram video of Balfe sitting on McGill’s lap while she dazzles some friends with a tin whistle solo.

Playing the tin whistle in a pub might just be the most Irish thing Tony McGill is, by most reports, a music producer—but it’s a little confusing, since he’s also been misidentified online as founding producer of the Australian caberet trio Combo Fiasco FYI, that’s a different Tony McGill. Cute glasses, Tony.

Caitriona Balfe marries boyfriend Tony McGill

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Are Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe dating? The actors play the leads of the hit Starz TV show Outlander, and their chemistry has already.

Moore, has had a bodice-ripping first season. Caitriona Balfe plays Claire Fraser, a bold British World War II nurse who is thrown back in time, in Scotland, from her existence to a rough land about years earlier. To complicate matters, she has ended up with a husband in both epochs: Jamie Sam Heughan in the 18th century, Frank in the 20th Tobias Menzies. Full Coverage: Emmys Timeline: Emmy winners through the years.

One thing that I struggled with a little bit, but also loved about her so much, is just her lack of self-pity. She has this mettle where, no matter what kind of trauma befalls her, she gets right back up and meets the next day with the same kind of gumption and ferocity. A lot. I moved to Paris for two years, then to London, then New York in

Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe Rumors: Tension Arise Among ‘Outlander’ Actors and MacKenzie Mauzy?

Based on a previous article , beauty queen and crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray first sighting with Sam Milby was somewhere together with her father. The mere photo sparked dating speculations but some has dismissed this thought as they could just possibly be working out over something for they are under the same management. However, it was just a mere con-incident according to a talent manager.

Gray, in her past interview , admitted that she and Sam are friends for they go in the same church and are under the same management.

“Outlander” star Caitriona Balfe has tied the knot with boyfriend Tony McGill. Sam Heughan, who stars opposite Balfe in the Starz show, seems to have They first sparked dating rumours after they were seen together in when a friend.

Outlander ‘s Caitriona Balfe doesn’t say much in interviews and on social media when it comes to her personal relationships. While she has dated a couple of people during the last decade or so, there are only two men we can really verify as being linked to the Irish actress. She dated musician Dave Milone when she first started her modeling career in the early s, and in the past couple years, she’s been linked to Tony McGill, who does not appear to be in the entertainment industry.

And while many Outlander fans want there to be a real-life relationship between her and her costar Sam Heughan , both of them maintain that the two are just friends. View On One Page. Photo 0 of 2. Previous Next Start Slideshow. Caitriona Balfe Outlander Celebrity Couples. Around The Web. You May Also Like.

Always Outlander — BREAKING NEWS🔊: Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe…

Outlander’s Caitroina Balfe has tied the knot. She and long-time boyfriend Tony McGill got married in a small Catholic ceremony in England, according to reports. The pair have been dating since at least , but they keep their relationship very private. Balfe showed up with an engagement ring on in and confirmed that they would be getting married. He doesn’t appear to have any social media accounts that give us a peep into his life. For her part, Balfe is from Ireland and started her career as a model, though IMDB quotes her as saying: “Modelling wasn’t a passion of mine so that made it get old kind of quickly.

Balfe and Heughan’s journey together started in , when they joined Outlander as the beloved lead characters of Diana Gabaldon’s book.

Sam Heughan has a new girlfriend and, no, it’s not Caitriona Balfe though we all wish it was. The Outlander star is reportedly dating Twin Peaks actress Amy Shiels, who he’s been friends with for over 10 years. The best kind of relationship, let’s be honest. Neither Heughan or Shiels have confirmed the dating rumors, but fans have been speculating about the pair’s relationship status for years. Back in , a fan tweeted that Heughan and Shiels would make a “beautiful couple,” and Shiels notably favorited the tweet.

In , she cheekily responded to an article on Twitter that speculated the friends were dating and wrote, “Nope, not my boyfriend and definitely not a model” with a double-heart emoji. Most recently, Heughan has been linked to actress MacKenzie Mauzy , but they have kept their relationship under wraps. They were first spotted together in at her 27th birthday party and made their first official appearance together back in February No word on why or when they broke up, but clearly Heughan has moved on.

Sure, they could be dating, but then again they could

Caitriona Balfe shares an intimate moment with co-star Sam Heughan

According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor and the Scottish music producer got married at St. The office of the priest who officiated the ceremony told the outlet, “It was a close-knit family affair officiated by Rev. Louis Beasley-Suffolk, who performed a Roman Catholic service. Sam Heughan, who stars opposite Balfe in the Starz show, seems to have attended the wedding after he shared a photo on Monday from what appears to be the ceremony.

Caitríona Mary Balfe is an Irish actress, producer and former fashion model. She is best known In April , Balfe received Best Actress in a Lead Role Drama and Rising Star Award nominations for the 12th Irish Film & Television “‘​Outlander’: Sam Heughan teases Caitriona Balfe on her 39th birthday”.

So thanks Diana. She initially said it in a roundabout way but she did say it. She also denied she was dating Sam as far back as March Here is a sampling of some of her early statements in and She delivers a chuckle that seems a tad exasperated. Way back in and , Sam had also denied he was dating Cait and had indicated that he had been dating someone other than Cait.

We went on a hike a few weeks ago. You end up just sharing facts that mean nothing to each other over empty phone calls. Abbie lived in London, which is quite a distance from Glasgow.

Sam Heughan – Caitriona Balfe Love Story